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Skeleton Rock On Freshie

Skeleton Rock On Freshie

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A cute and great smelling accessory for your car, locker, or other small space!

Freshies last 2+ weeks depending on surrounding environment.  Hang only. Do not lay on surfaces as the oils may cause stains. Freshies last 6+ months when unopened/not used when properly sealed in the bag that is provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Colors may vary slightly in person than what's on the screen since monitors/phones display colors differently.

Freshies are heat activated! This makes them stronger in the summer but lasts longer in the cold months.

When it’s warm outside that helps heat your car up, and also your freshie. As it warms up the oils start to release and fill your car with amazing smells when you turn on your air this helps to push that smell around. Sometimes the freshies are a lil overpowering and you have to roll your window down.

During the colder months, your freshie feels just like us, freezing and seasonally depressed it may take a while to warm up with your car's heat running. If you touch your freshie and it’s cold give it a while longer to warm up. It will eventually start to “thaw” and release its scent! This is why freshies in the winter tend to last longer.

Also going nose blind is NORMAL. This is just like how you can’t smell your own house until you’ve been gone for a while. If you put your freshie to your nose (and it’s not cold, remember they’re heat activated) and you can smell it, it’s still working!

NEVER place your freshie between your windshield and sunscreen. Going to be parked in the blazing sun for way too long? Lower your freshie to your windshield wiper stick so it can hang out in the shade.

TIP: save your freshie bag and seal it back up for a few days. This will give your space (and nose) time to reset.
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M Swann

Absolutely obsessed with the Baja cactus freshie